Katsuhisa Horimoto, CTO and Masashi Kitazawa, Director at SOCIUM for a presention on “Hallmarks of Cancer” by Cell Symposia

Dr. Horimoto and Dr. KItazawa will introduce new technology we developed to reveal Mode of Action of each drugs in aspect of phosphorylation pathways. This technology is able to analyze whole phosphorylation active pathways at once.
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DATE      : Thursday, December 19, 2019
VENUE      : Seattle, WA, USA
SESSION     : Lunch and Poster session 2
TITLE : Checking of signal transduction pathway before and after drug treatment by a new phosphorylation array system.

SEMINAR website : http://www.cell-symposia.com/hallmarksofcancer-2019/ 

What is Hallmarkes in Cancer, Cell Symposia?

This is an academic symposium held by the bi-weekly academic journal “Cell” (first published in 1974). Cell is the world’s highest academic journal in the field of life science, such as medicine, biochemistry, and molecular biology, and is famous for its high impact factor along with Nature and Science. 

conference website: http://www.cell-symposia.com/hallmarksofcancer-2019/