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Announcement of a Strategic Alliance for the Development of Drugs for the Treatment of Rare Diseases in China

We, SOCIUM Inc., have agreed to a strategic alliance for the development of drugs for rare diseases in China, with 苏州诺景生命科技有限公司 (Suzhou). Dr. Zheng Weiyi, a chairman of the board of directors of the Chinese company, is also the initiator of the China Rare Disease Drug Innovation Alliance (https://www.sciapple.com.cn/speaker/%E9%83%91%E7%BB%B4%E4%B9%89/).

We are promoting a joint project with the Nanjing Medical University School of Pharmacy (Prof. Han Feng) as part of the Japan-China collaboration project (second round in 2021) by JICA (Japan) and the Ministry of Science and Technology (China). In particular, we are developing drugs for rare diseases under the framework of discovering new indications for existing drugs at our company and implementing and verifying the synthesis and development of such compounds at Nanjing Medical University. We have taken this one step further and entered into this partnership to establish a framework for acquiring POC for the development of drugs in China. Currently, we are preparing IIT for our ALS drug candidate.