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2024-06-07 AI drug discovery venture that takes on the challenge of overcoming “unmet medical needs, SOCIUM Inc.’s paper was published in The Journal of Biomedical Research
2024-06-05 株式投資型クラウドファンディングの実施 及び オンライン事業説明会開催のお知らせ 
2024-01-11 Announcement of a Strategic Alliance for the Development of Drugs for the Treatment of Rare Diseases in China
2023-10-03 Our Paper on Phosphorylation Analysis Accepted through Collaboration with Nanjing Medical University School of Pharmacy (China)
2023-09-19 Exhibit at “Japan Healthcare Venture Summit 2023”
2023-01-30 SOCIUM Inc Announces to be Awarded Third Prize in The World at JINJI LAKE STARTUP CONTEST 2022
2022-05-25 RaQualia Pharma and SOCIUM Sign Joint Research Agreement for Discovering The Orphan Indication for Compound by Using AI Technology.
2022-03-15 Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma to Collaborate with SOCIUM Joint Research Aims to Reveal Neuroprotective Mechanism in Tauopathy
2022-01-11 Tokushima University to Collaborate with SOCIUM Inc. Strategic partnership aims to AI-driven drug discovery for Rare Gastrointestinal Tumor
2021-11-19 Our CEO Kawai announces as a speaker at Healthcare+ EXPO・TAIWAN