SOCIUM strives to make a remarkable impact
on drug discovery and development through novel
approaches of systems biology on post genomics.

Our Mission

SOCIUM continue to take on the challenge of addressing the unmet needs of patients.
Healthcare – it is a common wishes of people.
Since the discovery of penicillin, the contribution of medicines in healthcare explosively increased. Even after that, the development of pharmacology, biology and computational science contribute the elucidation of the cause of disease and the development of medicines rapidly. In the 2000s, molecular targeted agents for specific diseases appeared, and R&D advanced to the next stage.
However, despite numerous diseases being analyzed at the molecular level and the amount of information related to diseases has exploded, the development of medicines has not advanced. Because many of the diseases are not caused only by mutation of a single molecule. Disease mechanism are made up of complicated collaboration between molecules. Ignoring this collaboration, it is difficult to discovery and development of medicines.
We focus on this collaboration between molecules as a network, and continue to work on the clarification of diseases and the development of medicines.

Manabu Takahashi
Co-founder and CEO